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       U Pick or We Pick

       fresh off the bush

We are a mom and pop farm with 13 acres of blueberries and 14 different varieties.  Pick the type you like best.  Our harvest period is usually from mid-May through early July.

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Site Title

About the farm and the berries


We have held a number of tours for international groups and would like to host tours for schools, civic groups, and clubs to demonstate how we approach sustainable farming and to show how a farm works.

As Berries Ripen

As berries ripen on the bush they pass through a series of colors: from white to green to rose to red to pale blue to fully blue.  They pass through a series of tastes: from tastless to bitter to tasteless tart to tart blueberry flavor to sweet blueberry flavor.  If picked in the rose or later stage they will continue to ripen if left at room temperature and in a day or two will be fully blue, but they will not sweeten more than how they were when picked.

Blueberry Varieties

We grow early, mid, and late season varieties of blueberries.  Among our 14 varieties there are a variety of sizes, tastes, textures, color, and firmness.  Hopefully we have your favorite cultivar.

Berry Firmness

As berries ripen they slowly become softer.  A green berry will bounce like a ball and an over-ripe berry will become like slush.  My favorite berry is fully blue with  a sweet and strong  blueberry flavor that is slightly soft, almost firm

Blueberry Quality

Typically, berry quality is measured by appearance, taste, size, and most importantly, shelf life.  Once a blueberry is picked, it begins to degrade and heat is its worst enemy.  When we pick for commercial packing or for farm visitors, we take the picked berries from the fields within 30 minutes of picking and put them in our cold room to remove the field heat and thus preserve a much longer shelf life.  We will also place u-picked berries in the cold room for clients who wish to remain longer in the fields.

Berry Texture

Some varieties are a little crunchy, some are silky smooth and some are inbetween.  The berries all have very small seeds that give the texture. Some varieites have more and bigger seeds and thus are a bit crunchy (I like it a lot) and others have fewer, smaller seeds.


Berries getting ripe.

The Farm

We started the farm in 1987 on one acre and fell in love with the berries. We have 55 acres now with a few sheep, cattle and 13 acres of blueberries and have planted some blackberries this year to see how they will do.  We have opened the farm for people to come and pick their own berries and have a good time swapping  stories.  Our aim is to grow the best berries we can and provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for kids and adults.



601 799 7243

E-Mail the Farm

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list for notifications of opening dates, weather closings or other notices, please fill in the box below and press send.  You may reserve frozen or we-pick berries or ask questions either directly to our e-mail or by using the contact box below.

69 Homer Spiers Rd.

Picayune, MS  39466

Email: picayuneblueberries@gmail.com

Tel:  601 799 7243


Monday - Saturday

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM, after 4:00 by phone appointment


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, by phone appointment